I enjoy looking after my patient & giving her the best care & sincere advice. I always give my full support through her journey of treatment & pregnancy.

Dr Joo P. Teoh
MD(Glasgow) SubspecialtyRepromed(UK)

Delayed cord clamping

Joo is a Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist trained in the UK. He is also a UK subspecialist in reproductive medicine and fertility; he was appointed to complete this subspecialist program (RCOG UK) via a highly competitive national selection. While in the UK Joo was also the chairperson for the national trainees in reproductive medicine and fertility.

Joo performs laparoscopic surgery for fertility and gynaecology patients; he completed RCOG UK advanced training in gynaecology surgery & laparoscopy. For male subfertility, he performs microsurgical sperm retrieval using a surgical microscope; this method is known to retrieve a higher quantity of good quality sperms. Joo also has a special interest in looking after and delivering obstetrics patients, especially women in their pregnancies after assisted conception. Besides his busy private practice, he is dedicated to looking after public patients and teaching junior doctors in WA’s tertiary women’s hospital King Edward Memorial as a specialist consultant.

Joo has experience in reproductive medicine biomedical research; his research in reproductive immunology has led to the award of Doctor of Medicine from the University of Glasgow. He has presented internationally, and has won several prizes for his research work. He also has a Master of Science in Clinical Trials from the University of London. He has written a chapter in the book on the
Clinical Management of Pregnancies Following Fertility Treatment.

Joo relocated with his family to Perth, Australia in early 2015. He enjoys his clinical work in providing advice, and offering appropriate medical and surgical treatments to his patients. He continues his research interest in fertility, and also in obstetrics and gynaecology in Australia. He speaks fluent Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay (Bahasa Melayu).

A good doctor should pay great attention to detail before, during and after seeing each patient. It is not about rushing them through the conveyer belt.
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